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The important purpose of cockroaches in nature

The important purpose of cockroaches in nature - in the past, I got questions from my students when I was teaching biology, my students asked what the importance of cockroaches in the world is? And what are the purpose and benefits of cockroaches on nature? I was a little surprised, but this is also interesting to me. You may also be looking for the same answer as my student, whether you are looking for an answer to your schoolwork or you are looking for answers to your fears with cockroaches.

what is the purpose of cockroaches in nature

It's no secret, that cockroaches are insects that many hate by humans because they can live anywhere and not a few who sneak into homes, apartments, cafes or restaurants. Brown-colored insects, have 2 antennas and have a similar posture to the boat as if they have no benefit at all in human life or in nature. Because these cockroach insects are synonymous with dirty things, people always hate them and want them to disappear from the earth. Is that why God creates cockroaches? if so, what about the word of god that says that every creature that God created always has a purpose and beneficial to man and the world. If God has other reasons, then whether the purpose of cockroaches created in this world? And what is the important role of cockroaches in nature? I will give the answer.

The purpose and role of cockroaches in nature

This review, will answer questions from one of my biology pupils or perhaps answer your question about what is the purpose of cockroaches in nature. The purpose or role of the roaches in nature is very big and important. Such as:

1. Has an important role in the food chain

The first important role of cockroaches is that they occupy the bottom position in the food chain. Because, cockroaches are the main food of insectivorous animals such as rats, birds, and other mammals. If the cockroach is extinct, it is likely that the insectivorous animal will lose its main food. Indeed, not only the main food cockroaches of the insectivorous animals but with the extinction of cockroaches will inevitably affect the population of insectivorous animals.

2. Being a natural balancer

Cockroaches that eat rotted leaves, animal carcasses, rotten garbage, rotten foods have a body full of nitrogen. Then, this nitrogen will be dumped in soil that causes the soil to become fertile and become food for the plant. If the cockroach is extinct, then the natural balance will be disturbed because the soil lacks nitrogen.

what is the purpose of cockroaches in nature

In fact, there are still many reasons God's purpose creates cockroaches that may not only be beneficial to nature alone but also beneficial to animal and human life and even benefit the world. Although cockroaches are disgusting insects, who would have thought that the role of cockroaches in nature is very important. Though small, God created something must have purpose and purpose as God's purpose creates cockroaches that I have described above.

In fact, there are still many reasons God's purpose creates cockroaches that may not only be beneficial to nature alone but also beneficial to animal and human life and even benefit the world. Although cockroaches are disgusting insects, who would have thought that the role of cockroaches in nature is very important. Though small, God created something must have purpose and purpose as God's purpose creates cockroaches that I have described above.

Hopefully, my review above can answer your question about what is the purpose of cockroaches in this nature. Now you can fill your biology questions with my answer above if you think it is true, now please you hate cockroaches and please you drive it out, but you still have to remember, that cockroaches have an important role on nature. Thank you for reading and bye

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what is the purpose of cockroaches coming to my life and entering my house

Several times I found cockroaches in my house, even I also found some dead cockroaches in my house. Why my house there are cockroaches? What is the purpose of the cockroach coming in my life? I'm so scared of this bug. That's some of my friend's complaints are being frightened because there is a brown insect that is like a boat enters in his home. Then, why cockroaches can make your home? What attracts him to come to your house? The answer is that your home is perfect for cockroaches and he breeds in your home and calls his friends to live in your home. 

purpose of cockroaches in life

What causes cockroaches to be happy lodged in your house? There are 30 reasons why cockroaches are interested in staying and nesting in your home

1. Direct shower drain was leading to river and sewer.

As we all know, the place most often used by cockroaches to enter our homes is the bathroom. Cockroaches from dirty rivers and sewers will very quickly come to our bathrooms if the drain holes directly lead to the river and sewer.

purpose of cockroaches in life

To avoid coming cockroaches in the bathroom is to Clean Bathroom Floor by using "Bathroom Floor Cleaner" so that animals do not go into the bathroom. Also, other Bathroom Cleaning Tips is to get around this by making the filters and floor drain on the drain.

2. The drain floor hole is not covered correctly and dirty.

Still related to the first cause. You have installed the floor drain in the bathroom, but the floor drain has a large or damaged pore hole or cannot be closed tightly. Cockroaches can take advantage of this damage to enter the house. Dirty floor drain will also cause an odor that will even attract a cockroach to come.

Check and clean the drain hole and bathroom drain floor regularly to avoid this. this.

3. The house is dirty and smelly.

Busy busyness or laziness often causes us not to clean the house. As a result, the house becomes dirty or even give off a bad smell. Food crumbs and dirt scattered on the floor can invite a cockroach into the home.

How to Maintain Home Page Hygiene is diligently cleaning your house to keep your home from cockroaches. You can sweep the floor, mop it up, clean the kitchen cabinet and more.

purpose of cockroaches in life

4. Lots of scattered food scraps.

After eating we often delay to clean up the remaining food. As a result, the rest of our food is everywhere, like in the kitchen, on the dining table or even in the living room. If we let, at night the cockroach will come and use it as a food source.

Instead, immediately clean and remove the leftovers after eating. A clean house and free of cockroaches is a Characteristic of Healthy House that is always a dream of everyone.

5. You Do not check and clean the bookcase, wardrobe, or storage boxes.

In addition to food and beverages, cockroaches also need shelter to stay alive. Therefore, Cockroaches take advantage of places in our homes, especially bookshelves, boxes, and wardrobes. Area's like that protect cockroaches from the light they do not like.

purpose of cockroaches in life

Therefore, it is important for you to check and clean the places above on a regular basis.

6. You overeat junk food or unhealthy food.

Although cockroaches are not precisely picky about their food and can eat anything, research proves they are reluctant to eat vegetables like cucumbers and green vegetables if not forced. In fact, they prefer to eat leftover toothpaste and cardboard instead of vegetables.

purpose of cockroaches in life

From now on, you can try to reduce junk food and eat healthy food instead. In addition to lowering cockroaches, you will also have a healthier lifestyle.

7. Your pet's food has not been exhausted

For those of you who have pets, the food we give sometimes does not run out. Then we let the food to be spent by our pets for some time. Cockroaches will gladly eat our pet food. So, it would be better if you do not let our pet food abandoned for too long.

8. Habits often procrastinate to wash dishes.

Many people delay washing dishes after eating, especially at dinner. Plates in a pile at the sink for washing the next day. Although there is no food left on the plate, the plate can still attract cockroaches because of the smell.

9. Do not wash cans or cartons before being thrown into the trash

In countries such as Japan and Korea, people are encouraged first to wash milk or juice boxes, cans of food and drink cans before throwing them in the trash. Things like that do to insects do not come near the garbage. Maybe you can apply it at home, so cockroaches do not come to your house

10. Store food in jars or containers that are not sealed.

Like what I have explained before, it will only invite a cockroach to come to your home. You should not store your food in open containers, such as cookies on a plate. Use a jar or tightly sealed container.

11. Your refrigerator cannot be tightly closed.

Close your refrigerator tightly. If it can not be adequately sealed, then you have to fix it or replace it with a new one. You certainly do not want if your refrigerator is the cause of cockroaches interested to make a nest in your home, right?

purpose of cockroaches in life

12. Garbage bin open.

Are you the one who used the open dumpster at home? If so, it looks like you should replace the trash. Cockroaches are very happy to find food in the trash. Also, the open bins also attract cockroaches and fly to come. Or if you do not want to change your trash can, you can put the garbage into a plastic bag first and tied up before being thrown into the trash.

13. Do not diligently dispose of garbage at home regularly.

After you close the trash can, do not forget to throw out the garbage regularly. Wastes that are left untouched can cause unpleasant odors and can invite seeds of disease, such as cockroaches.

14. The stove is dirty and greasy.

Cockroaches are very fond of greasy objects, and they tend to approach them. The most vulnerable place for this problem is the stove and its surroundings. How to Clean the Stove is to clean regularly on the surface of the oven after you cook.

15. There is a pool of water in the house.

Cockroaches can live a month without food. However, Cockroaches can only survive a week without drinking. Therefore, the thing you can do is minimize the water source for the cockroach.

purpose of cockroaches in life

16. towel and doormat in leave in wet condition

Still related to the previous cause, a wet towel or mat also provides water for the cockroach. Remember, cockroaches can always drink water even though the water is filthy.

You can hang a wet towel or dry it.

17. drinking water of a pet is not filled in at night

It is still in contact with cockroach drinking supplies. Throw away the rest of your pet beverage at night and drain the drink. The next day, you can refill it.

18. There is a leaking pipe inside the house.

No stagnant water, Towels, and wet mats also do not exist, where the pet is also empty. But why are there still cockroaches coming?

You can check the pipeline in your home. Maybe there's a leak.

19. Rarely clean basement and garage house.

The most common part of the house made by the cockroach is the garage and the basement. So, you can start to clean your house from those two places. And you should do it regularly.

purpose of cockroaches in life

20. Laying of furniture that is not appropriate.

Incorrect placement of goods may cause gaps between items. This difference is usually tricky to reach, dark, damp, and probably very suitable to be a nest of the cockroaches.

21. Bad home ventilation system.

Poor ventilation system results in the house becoming damp. Temperatures in the house also tend to warm. These two conditions are highly favored by cockroaches to breed. A poor ventilation system is also not good for breathing.

23. house in a state of damp and dark.

It relates to two previous causes. How to Overcome the Damp and Moldy Homes is by arranging your home ventilation and lighting system

24. Do not check the box in and out of the house first.

Boxes that are moved into our homes or outdoors often become access for cockroaches to run. There's nothing wrong if you see and check every incoming box.

25. There is easy access for cockroaches to enter the house.

This easy access can mean many things. Starting from the dump in the bathroom, the kitchen door that is often open, the box that goes into the house, or maybe yourself.

purpose of cockroaches in life

26. The habit of piling stuff.

The stuff that piles up is the ideal home for a cockroach. These objects can be books, cardboard, clothes, and others. Try to organize your items neatly.

27. Letting cockroaches roam because they think they are still small.

Do not underestimate one cockroach roaming around your house. One cockroach can spawn thousands of other cockroaches. Also, cockroaches may secrete pheromones. This pheromone will attract another cockroach to come.

Immediately take action before the cockroaches colonize in your home.

28. Satisfied after not seeing a cockroach in the house, but there are still cockroach eggs.

The cockroach eggs are terrible to remove. The location of their eggs is usually very hidden. But if you find it, you can water it with hot water to kill them.

29. Fooled by cockroaches who do 'play death.'

Cockroach likes to pretend to die when you try to kill him. But remember, it's just ostensibly. Do not let you be fooled and make the cockroach stay roaming in your house.

30. Cockroaches have been immune to chemical insecticides.

Cockroaches can adapt to anti-insecticides, and they can boost their immunity against insecticides if they are already accustomed to anti-insecticides. It can cause cockroaches to come home even if we have insect repellent.

purpose of cockroaches in life

That's the 30 causes of your home to be a suitable destination for cockroach nests. If kept on let, no wonder more roaches in your house and be prepared you often find live bugs or cockroaches in your kitchen, room or bathroom.

And for cockroaches not to feel at home and immediately leave, then you can do:

Close the entrance. Close the drains tightly. Usually, the insects at home appear through the water channels in the bathroom or other water channels. So make sure the drain caps are tightly closed and right. And if your house is adjacent or connected to a neighbor's house, make sure there are no gaps that allow rats to move from the roof of the house. Also, use mosquito netting on windows and ventilation holes to prevent mosquitoes and insects from entering.

Insects like cockroaches like a damp area, for it keeps the condition of your room is not humid by improving air circulation at home. Get used to open the window during the day.

Ways To get rid of ants and cockroaches, insect poison is better than a trap. Choose gel-shaped or pasta poison. Alternatively, you can use anti-ant powder, which is easy to get at a grocery store.
To eradicate spiders, suction spiders, and webs with a vacuum cleaner. Pour the contents in a vacuum bag into a garbage bag, then tie the meeting before disposal.

purpose of cockroaches in life

After eating, do not let the food scatter. Clean the blender, stove, or other cookware after use. Also clean the sweet liquid out of the container, such as soy sauce, honey, or milk. Similarly, the rest of the pet food, immediately wash because it can provoke the arrival of insects.

Do not let dirty clothes accumulate yes, Mamas. Collect it in one enclosed place when you have not washed it yet.

Fix the faucet and pipe leak, because the puddle can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes or other insects.

Clean the fallen leaves and the garbage cans in the yard. Cover any dustbins and clean up pet litter in the yard. Piles of a garbage can be a place for nesting flies, mosquitoes, ants, and other insects.

Tidy home utensil. Unused or unused furniture and furniture, preferably trimmed and packed in a sealed container. If not used should be placed in the warehouse but first in the cardboard wrap to be neat. Dirty places are also preferred by insects to survive.

Install pest control (a tool to expel various insects, including mice). This device does not 'kill' the insects, but only just throw them away. How to use it quite quickly, i.e., stay plugged into the power source. And indeed this pest control does not use chemicals, so it is safe for families and pets. No smell and no smoke.

After doing the above process, remove the nest, and make sure there is no hole or slit again to place out of insects inside or outside the house. If you see a cobweb, then clean it immediately.
Call the experts if the above methods have not worked, or you are dealing with termites and other harmful insects, you should call the experts.
To be your concern.

After exterminating the cockroach, immediately dispose and then clean the surface of the affected cockroaches with wet or antibacterial wipes.

Avoid using anti-insect sprays. In addition to being harmful to children, insects that are exposed to liquids and can still roam in a few seconds will spread the 'poison' to the entire room.

Be sure always to pay attention to the hygiene of the house thoroughly, so that no insects or rodents enter the house. A clean house is not just neat and fragrant, but also free from insects.

By doing the steps above, I hope your home is no longer a cockroach destination to reside in your home. and your house becomes free of cockroaches and other insect pests, and you do not find any more dead roaches in your house

Do the steps above, so roaches do not come to your house or all bugs leave your home. Now I do not want any more complaints about: why my house in the cockroaches come? Or what the purpose of cockroaches happened in my life and bothered me.

purpose of cockroaches in life
purpose of cockroaches in life

Thursday, 14 December 2017

importance purpose of cockroaches in the rule for ecosystem

Have you ever wished for all kinds of dead cockroaches in this world? I am sure; you never expect that, especially for some people who are afraid of cockroaches, they certainly hope this disgusting insect disappears from this world. However, do you understand, that cockroaches have an important role in the ecosystem of this world? Because, the purpose of god creates cockroaches in this world is not to be a pest, but to carry out its enormous duty. And it is essential for the balance of nature and the survival of all beings as well as human life.

what's the purpose of cockroaches

Importance of cockroaches in the ecosystem 

Men like Chris Evans though not necessarily fierce when faced with cockroaches. And it would be horrifying if the brown insect had started flying. But what would happen if the cockroach who makes many people disgusted it extinct? Try you imagine.

Remember the biology lesson about the food chain? Although you hate cockroaches, the animal has an essential role in the food chain. Cockroaches are at the bottom of the food chain. If it goes extinct, birds, rats, and other insectivorous mammals will lose food. If they can not adapt to find other food, the animals can follow extinction like a cockroach.

Also, they also leave dirt wherever they walk, and they can also cause allergic asthma.

what's the purpose of cockroaches

But only a small part of the cockroaches are living and attacking our homes. Only 5 thousand from 10 thousand types. As quoted from the Live Science page, just four of the 4,500 species of cockroaches are pests. But what would happen if this little creature vanished from the world? In short, that's not a good thing.

Most cockroaches live in warm and tropical habitats. In tropical forests, cockroaches eat wood and also leaves. And all the dirt they leave behind is full of organic waste and nutrients including nitrogen that will fall back to the ground.

"Most cockroaches eat rubbish and the remnants of organic matter, which store a lot of nitrogen," Srini told LiveScience. Cockroaches will release the nitrogen that plants need in the wild.
Nitrogen plays a role in tree growth, which is essential for the preservation of the forest and us humans. Many of the products we use come from wood from the forest such as paper, tissue, furniture, and others.
what's the purpose of cockroaches

Small mammals, birds, and reptiles make cockroaches their source of food. So if this culprit is destroyed, it will affect the existing food chain and can change all living things.
A team of researchers from the University of Nottingham School of Veterinary Medicine found nine types of molecules stored in the brains of cockroaches that can be used to attack some pathogenic bacteria. Because of the indiscriminate use of antibiotics, certain types of pathogenic bacteria have become increasingly challenging to brush with old antibiotics.

Research Simon Lee and his colleagues showed that antibiotics "cockroaches" can kill Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Escherichia coli bacteria without disturbing human body cells. In fact, so far, two types of bacteria are tough at discharge with traditional antibiotics.

"We are looking in an unusual place, no one ever tried it," said Simon Lee. Simon suspects that cockroaches use these "antibiotic" molecules on their bodies to survive in dirty environments.
But the cockroaches are still far from the unknown word. They had lived on this planet before the dinosaurs. Fossil cockroaches are estimated to be 300 million years old.

what's the purpose of cockroaches

They also have a robust immune system. and They can live with a high enough radiation pressure and can live without food for up to a month

That's the purpose of God creating cockroaches that apparently have an important role in ecosystems and natural ecology on this earth. Although in human life, cockroaches are considered pests of pests. however, behind it, all turns roaches are complementary insects in the rules of this world ecosystem

what's the purpose of cockroaches

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

the purpose of cockroaches often come to your house

What do you do, when you see a cockroach hanging around in your house? Maybe you'll want to kill him soon. Cockroaches are animals that like to roam in dirty places. Because the stained area is the primary purpose of cockroach insects, they are very fond. Therefore, when a cockroach enters the house, it is likely that the cockroach will spread the germs that it carries from the dirty places. However, the big question is, why do cockroaches often visit houses?

 purpose of cockroaches

1. cockroach likes warm conditions in the house

Cockroaches like this condition, because the warm house conditions are perfect for breeding cockroaches. A simple example when you encounter a cockroach, and you try to throw it away, by stomping or hitting the floor with a broom, cockroaches will run towards you. It is because your body has warmer temperatures that cockroaches favor.

2. to put the eggs of cockroaches

Dirty house condition is the leading cause. Cockroaches often put their eggs in nasty places, because in those areas, cockroaches can get enough food for the growth process. If there are any scraps of food or garbage that accumulate in your house, then this condition becomes the best condition that is so favored by cockroaches. Therefore, they will come to your home again .. again .. and again

3. to get food

Although cockroaches are dirty animals, however, these insects are beneficial to the process of decomposition of organic materials, such as dirt and others. One cause is the opening or cracking of your house septic tank cap, which can attract cockroaches to enter and get the nutrients they need from the dirt inside the septic tank.

A cockroach will come to your house if your home has the right conditions for breeding and foraging.

Put food in tightly closed containers, and wide open food will invite a cockroach to come and enjoy it.

If there is food that falls, clean it immediately

4. to make a nest

Put your furniture in the right position. Try, do not put furniture too close to the wall, because it caused the condition of the dark areas and difficult to clean. Such circumstances will only invite roaches to come to your house because of cockroaches like a dark place.

purpose of cockroaches

Avoid placing items piled on one side of the house. It is the best place for cockroach nest. Clean the house and every room in your home regularly.

Throw out your household garbage. Do not leave it all night in the house.

5. like the temperature of the room in your home

Keep the ventilation and sanitation of your home. Proper ventilation will make the temperature in your home to be balanced, so it is not preferred cockroaches. Adequate cleanliness will also make your bathroom and home healthier.

You can also spray an insect drug on the floor of your home or room door. At least, this can make cockroaches reluctant to creep into your home.
 purpose of cockroaches

After you read my tips above, I hope you pay more attention to your house and also the layout of your furniture. do not let your home be the purpose place to nest the cockroaches

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The Purpose Of Cockroaches And Rats Was Created

The Purpose Of Cockroaches

All that is on this earth nothing is in vain. All the beings on the planet have benefits for nature and people, that's what my biology teacher says. Then I asked, what is the purpose of God creating such a disgusting animal like cockroaches and rats? I am terrified of both animals. Then my teacher smiled and explained to me why god creates an appalling insect or animal. By modeling the benefits of cockroaches and rats, although both of these animals are considered pests by most people.

The Purpose Of Cockroaches

the benefits of cockroaches

1. In some cases, the cockroach often used as experimental animals on insect repellent tests. This is because cockroaches have a stronger immune system than other insects.

2. Species of cockroach Madagascar or cockroach hissing can be a pet.

3. Cockroaches have more memory than dogs, so in some cases, cockroaches become bomb detection devices. Motor sensor system found on the head, antenna and cockroach legs are very sensitive. When it gets stimulated from the outside, then this insect will act in just 15-20 milliseconds. Very quickly, even faster than the blink of an eye.

4. There are scientists from India who developed artificial heart technology using the heart of cockroaches as an example of his research model.

5. Cockroaches are insects that have a high protein content, no wonder if in some areas, cockroaches to snack. By way of fried and mixed with a little salt and garlic, then it will taste very tasty and delicious.

6. In the food chain, cockroaches have a significant role. By occupying the bottom position, cockroaches feed on insectivorous animals, such as swallows.

From here I began to understand, though disgusting to me. It turns out that cockroaches have a prominent role in ecosystems and natural ecology. Not only that, but even cockroaches can be made into pets also to eat. I am a little disgusted to imagine that.
Then, I continue the question. Why are mice created? What is the purpose or benefit of rats to humans and nature? What I know is that rats are only animals carrying diseases and viruses.
Later, my biology teacher opened the book, and he opened a few pages, then he explained to the other students and me about the benefits of mice.

The Purpose Of Cockroaches

the benefits of rats

1. rats skin made as the craft

In the country of Indonesian mouse skin is very useful. Because, in the hands of craftsmen in the country, the surface of mice can make craft materials such as bags, wallets or belts.

2. rats As experimental animals

Mice turned out to be exceptionally meritorious as a trial in various drug research. Even according to the Foundation for Biomedical Research (FBR), 95% of laboratories use mice as experimental animals, as quoted
In addition to relatively inexpensive, mice have genetic and biological characteristics similar to humans. For that reason eventually, more mice became the media experiment in various medical studies.

4. Rats can be as Funny Pets

Rats can also be adorable pets, you know. Three types of mice are used as pets, namely white mice, Japanese rats, and gold rats. The price can reach $ 5.

5. Mice can be a Mine Tracker

It's the unique and extraordinary. Giant African Pouched Rats are trained to find landmines. As reported by, the ability of mice in finding mines defeats humans.
If for an area of 185 m2 of humans takes a full day, then in just two hours, the rat has completed its mission of finding landmines in the area. An organization called Apopo in Tanzania has proven the success of trained mice in clearing minefields in Mozambique.

That's some of the benefits of rats and cockroaches for nature and humans. Although they are a disgusting animal and many people are afraid an even to experience a phobia. But they are created into this world also has the use to balance nature. And of course, with this animal, you do not get lazy to clean up your environment, like cleaning the house, washing dishes, sweeping and cleaning the floor.

Finally, I began to understand the explanation of my teacher, if, in rethink, it is true. God created beings on earth there must be specific intentions and purposes even like cockroaches and rats.

the purpose of cockroaches is created for humans

the purpose of cockroaches

Cockroaches, who do not know with this one insect? Its presence is hated by most humans because cockroaches are dirty and disgusting insects. And indeed cockroaches are very fond of dirty and damp places so if there is part of your house that is rarely cleaned and has high humidity then do not be surprised if suddenly cockroaches make a nest in your place. Therefore humans hate cockroaches and brand them as enemies. But does the purpose of cockroaches be desirable only as insect pests and bullies? Apparently not, the assumption was not correct because the cockroaches that had been considered a pest creature turned out to be a cockroach has a purpose and benefits for human life. Some of you may not be sure of some of the benefits of cockroaches that have benefited human life:

1. become the research material

Cockroaches can be utilized research materials in laboratories to test the accuracy of dosage of insect drugs. Yes, to examine the insect drug certainly needed insects and cockroaches to be the right choice because it is effortless to find and the population is very much.

2. cockroaches made into a snack

the purpose of cockroaches

What? Eating cockroaches? Seeing it alone is disgusted let alone tasted. In fact, the body of cockroaches has a high enough protein content, so it is perfect for consumption. Several types of cockroaches may be safe for use such as Madagascar cockroaches. Besides cockroaches also should not be eaten raw, must be processed correctly first so as not to endanger health. The most popular ingredients are crispy and crispily fried roaches that make snacks perfect. Besides, cockroaches are also delicious at eating with rice. In some countries such as in China and Thailand fried cockroaches are daily snacks. In addition to cockroaches, other insects that can also feed are included grasshoppers and crickets. In addition to tasty and crunchy, these two insects have many health benefits. There are five benefits of fried grasshoppers and eight benefits of cricket for health.

3. make cockroaches as pets

purpose of cockroaches as pet

Cats, dogs, or birds are common animals to watch because keeping these cute pets can make your heart happy and not feel lonely. But if you want to do different things then you can keep the cockroaches. One of the most common types of cockroaches is a $ 1- $ 5 Madagascar cockroach If your cockroach breeds, you can make it a business.

Because, in specific areas, Madagascar cockroaches are in high demand of many people

4. cockroaches can be made organic fertilizer

A habit of cockroaches eat food scraps, and organic waste makes the body of cockroaches have a high enough nitrogen content. And as it is known nitrogen is one of the elements needed by plants to grow well. Therefore, cockroaches can be utilized as a natural fertilizer is very good for plant growth.

5. Roaches can be made in making makeup materials

A habit of cockroaches eat the remnants of food, and organic waste makes the animal body has a high enough nitrogen content. And as it is known nitrogen is one of the elements needed by plants to grow well. For that reason, cockroaches are perfect when used for organic fertilizers that can fertilize the soil and are suitable for growing your plants. When you see a business opportunity here?

That is the purpose and benefits of cockroaches in human life. Cockroaches that have been looking at a disgusting insect pest turned out to have many benefits in human life. It certainly reassures us that everything in this world can be useful to us. Whether it is sick or disgusting, the beings on this earth must have a purpose and an excellent benefit in life. because God always has the best Plan for man

Sunday, 10 December 2017

the reason whats cockroaches come in my life

What is the purpose of the cockroaches come in my life? Indeed, in recent times I have often asked myself about it. Some days I dream about cockroaches, then I Ask some people about the meaning of the dream. And some days I also often meet with some cockroaches in my apartment. Yiaacchhh ... I am so disgusted with this one insect. Yes, cockroaches are disgusting insects that are identical to dirty things, such as garbage and rotten food.

purpose of cockroaches

Yesterday I saw a cockroach coming into my apartment, I immediately hit him with a broom and his body upside down, and the disgusting cockroach was not able to wake up again. Hahahaha ... I am delighted with it, and I hope his friends do not come back to my apartment and wander around in my room, bathroom, and kitchen.

But, the next day I found a cockroach in my kitchen that made me goosebumps, and I tried to hit him with a broom, but the cockroach was flying, and he perched on my food. Oh God, why are you creating cockroaches in this world, and why you send cockroaches into my life.

After that incident, I went straight to the pest eradication shop and bought some cockroach killer spray and some traps for cockroaches. While on the way I keep thinking, why cockroaches in my apartment more and more, what's wrong? What purpose do they come to my apartment and interrupt my life? I try to think positively.

Wait ... wait .. the purpose of cockroaches coming to my apartment is to find food, and they eat garbage and other dirty things. Means, if the cockroach came to my apartment means my apartment is filthy if dirty it says I have to be more diligent to clean up.

Indeed, in recent days, I am lazy to clean up the apartment that makes my apartment like a ship breaking, garbage was strewn, eating out the dishes I rarely clean and the floor rarely I broom. Yes .. maybe this is the purpose of God sending a cockroach to my apartment. That is, so I'm not lazy to clean my apartment.

purpose of cockroaches

Until I arrived at an insect store, I not only bought poison and cockroach traps, but I also purchased some floor cleaners and dish soap. Arriving at the apartment, I immediately cleaned my apartment, ranging from washing dishes, tidying up the furniture, sweeping the floors and throwing garbage. After I finished all, I directly sprayed the insect poison for cockroaches in my apartment to die or leave my apartment.

From this experience, I can take a lesson, which you do not lazy to clean the house to make your home healthy. And try to think positively, like why a cockroach came to my apartment and terrorized my life?

Hopefully, this experience can be useful for readers of this blog. Thank you for reading my story

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