Wednesday, 6 December 2017

What are the benefits and objectives of cockroaches for ecological?

Cockroaches are insects that are considered pests by most people. With a brown body, a boat-like shape, a round head slightly inside, flat body, long antennae, wings, three pairs of thorny legs, and a pair of little horns behind the body that make people feel disgusted when dealing with this insect. But behind it all, it turns out that cockroaches have a vital role in the ecological chain of food.

As quoted in a biology book:

Cockroaches are a vital source of food for some organisms, such as arthropods, birds, and mammals. As such, they are an essential part of the food chain. Cockroaches also play a vital role in nutrient recycling. Most species of cockroach are the ingredients of endogenous cellulases play a crucial role in the degrading plant material. Some species, such as Cryptocercus, feed directly on wood and play a significant role in lignocellulose digestion in temperate forests.


In the food chain, cockroaches rank at the bottom of what is a source of food for rats, birds, and other insectivorous mammals. If cockroaches extinct from the face of the earth, the earth's ecosystem will be disrupted. Besides cockroaches have an essential role in ecology, it turns out cockroaches also play a vital role in the balance of nature. Keep in mind; forests are not only useful as the lungs of the earth but also as the habitat of various species.One cockroach.Kecoa have a prominent role in the nitrogen cycle. If the cockroach population decreases, then the nitrogen cycle on earth will be disrupted. Cockroaches love to eat the remnants of organic waste containing a lot of nitrogen. Nitrogen into the body of the cockroach will then be issued on the ground and used for plant growth.

Although cockroaches are an abominable animal and commonly considered pests, cockroaches have many benefits for ecological and natural ecosystems. Perhaps, this is one purpose cockroach created by God.

Cockroaches for natural ecology. not only that, the purpose and benefits of a lot of cockroaches, you can read my article about the purpose of cockroaches on earth

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