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importance purpose of cockroaches in the rule for ecosystem

Have you ever wished for all kinds of dead cockroaches in this world? I am sure; you never expect that, especially for some people who are afraid of cockroaches, they certainly hope this disgusting insect disappears from this world. However, do you understand, that cockroaches have an important role in the ecosystem of this world? Because, the purpose of god creates cockroaches in this world is not to be a pest, but to carry out its enormous duty. And it is essential for the balance of nature and the survival of all beings as well as human life.

what's the purpose of cockroaches

Importance of cockroaches in the ecosystem 

Men like Chris Evans though not necessarily fierce when faced with cockroaches. And it would be horrifying if the brown insect had started flying. But what would happen if the cockroach who makes many people disgusted it extinct? Try you imagine.

Remember the biology lesson about the food chain? Although you hate cockroaches, the animal has an essential role in the food chain. Cockroaches are at the bottom of the food chain. If it goes extinct, birds, rats, and other insectivorous mammals will lose food. If they can not adapt to find other food, the animals can follow extinction like a cockroach.

Also, they also leave dirt wherever they walk, and they can also cause allergic asthma.

what's the purpose of cockroaches

But only a small part of the cockroaches are living and attacking our homes. Only 5 thousand from 10 thousand types. As quoted from the Live Science page, just four of the 4,500 species of cockroaches are pests. But what would happen if this little creature vanished from the world? In short, that's not a good thing.

Most cockroaches live in warm and tropical habitats. In tropical forests, cockroaches eat wood and also leaves. And all the dirt they leave behind is full of organic waste and nutrients including nitrogen that will fall back to the ground.

"Most cockroaches eat rubbish and the remnants of organic matter, which store a lot of nitrogen," Srini told LiveScience. Cockroaches will release the nitrogen that plants need in the wild.
Nitrogen plays a role in tree growth, which is essential for the preservation of the forest and us humans. Many of the products we use come from wood from the forest such as paper, tissue, furniture, and others.
what's the purpose of cockroaches

Small mammals, birds, and reptiles make cockroaches their source of food. So if this culprit is destroyed, it will affect the existing food chain and can change all living things.
A team of researchers from the University of Nottingham School of Veterinary Medicine found nine types of molecules stored in the brains of cockroaches that can be used to attack some pathogenic bacteria. Because of the indiscriminate use of antibiotics, certain types of pathogenic bacteria have become increasingly challenging to brush with old antibiotics.

Research Simon Lee and his colleagues showed that antibiotics "cockroaches" can kill Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Escherichia coli bacteria without disturbing human body cells. In fact, so far, two types of bacteria are tough at discharge with traditional antibiotics.

"We are looking in an unusual place, no one ever tried it," said Simon Lee. Simon suspects that cockroaches use these "antibiotic" molecules on their bodies to survive in dirty environments.
But the cockroaches are still far from the unknown word. They had lived on this planet before the dinosaurs. Fossil cockroaches are estimated to be 300 million years old.

what's the purpose of cockroaches

They also have a robust immune system. and They can live with a high enough radiation pressure and can live without food for up to a month

That's the purpose of God creating cockroaches that apparently have an important role in ecosystems and natural ecology on this earth. Although in human life, cockroaches are considered pests of pests. however, behind it, all turns roaches are complementary insects in the rules of this world ecosystem

what's the purpose of cockroaches

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