Friday, 8 December 2017

my story looking for what cockroach purpose for my life

I am now thinking, why did God create a cockroach and what is the purpose of God creating a cockroach? I like this because yesterday I found a cockroach in my food and my dishwasher.

I do not know when this disgusting insect comes from, the insect that has a brown body, with its back like a boat, has a longhorn and an unpleasant odor. I am very disgusted with this. Until I want to know, what is the purpose or benefits of cockroaches for nature?
what's the purpose of cockroaches

Finally, I look for tau and ask my friends, and some say that cockroaches are essential for the ecology of life because of the most unfortunate bottom position in the food chain. Some people answer cockroaches have a vital role in the balance of the earth's ecosystems. Because cockroach barrel of food scraps that contain a lot of nitrogen. Then the nitrogen-filled cockroach body will be removed in the soil that is beneficial for the growth of plants.

Cockroaches include very powerful insects, he can live headless for one week and can live without food for nine days. Wow, very extraordinary And my friend also said, some studies include cockroaches as heart transplant research material that can be applied to humans.

Apparently, the benefits of cockroaches on ecology and natural ecosystems very much at all. Even in the health field, there are also tremendous benefits. And I've also read a cockroach website can survive on atomic bombs.

That's some of my friends say about the benefits and greatness of cockroaches. However, I have not got an answer from what I keep thinking about. What is the purpose of cockroaches in me for my life? I kept thinking. And I try to sit back on my couch and soothe my mind for a moment. And suddenly a thought came up, TO BE MORE CLEAN !!
what is the purpose of cockroaches on earth

Wait a minute, is that the answer? I tried to think and look around and what I saw was my house dirty, and some dirty dishes and garbage were in it. Yes, maybe this is the purpose of the cockroach brought to me, that is to clean the house. Perhaps I'll start with me and some dirty kitchen, I'll order junk and clean cobwebs.

After that all, maybe I will eradicate all the pests that are in my house. I would hire a pest exterminator or buy a cockroach trap to get rid of the pests in my home.

That's my experience of cockroaches, and it turns out not always cockroaches are disgusting and disturbing. If you think confident, you can take the high side why cockroaches can be inside your home.


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