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The purpose of Cockroaches on Earth and in the ecosystem

Many people think that cockroaches are animals bully, disgusting, and identical with the gross things. Moreover, if this animal that is already flying. Horror! But don't get me wrong, all created by God Almighty that there must be some purpose and its benefits, it's just that a lot of people may not know. Cockroaches can live anywhere except at the poles. Because people assume that a cockroach is a pest in its surroundings, but the cockroach has a very important role in his existence on Earth. In its categorization, cockroach belongs to the order of Blattoda which consists of approximately 4,000 species that have been identified in 6 families Blattellidae, Blaberidae, namely Balttidae, Cryptoceridae, Polyphagidae, and Nocticolidae.

purpose of cockroaches

Morphology of cockroaches that is brown, like a boat, resembles a rhino animal, round head somewhat inside, body flattened, murmurings (antenna) long, have wings, three pairs of legs are covered with thorns, and there is a pair of small horns on the back of his body. Cockroach life cycle only experienced three stages namely egg, nymph, and adult. To complete one cycle of his life cockroaches need more or less time of seven months. This time, long enough if compared to other insects such as mosquitoes and flies. To the egg stage, only cockroaches take 30-40 days to hatch the egg. By holding the egg capsule, cockroaches are usually hidden or put in place at the corners, and the surface of the wood and the embargo remain until they hatch.

Inbreed, the insect can give birth to dozens even hundreds of children once spawned. It turns out that cockroaches have been around for 300 million years ago. The insect can survive without the head up to a month until it finally died. Cockroaches do not require the head to breathe, and even brain tools control his body. So even though headless, cockroaches will still be alive

The cockroach is useful as an anti biotic. Why is this so? Because the environment is a dirty place, these insects live cockroaches forced to develop detention themselves against the attacks of micro-organisms that threaten it. Cockroaches can survive for nine days without food, cockroaches can live without a head, and the cockroach is also the only creature that can survive the attack of the atomic bomb. The following Reasons Cockroaches created on Earth:

1. It is important in the food chain

Cockroaches have an important role in the food chain on Earth. Why? Cockroaches are in the position of the bottom of the food chain, if cockroaches are extinct then other animals such as birds, rodents, and other insect eater mammals would lose meals. And it would threaten the lives of the animals just like the cockroaches that are extinct.

2. natural Stabilisation

Keep in mind. The forest is not only useful as the lungs of the Earth but also as a habitat of various species. One of these cockroaches. Cockroaches have a large role in the nitrogen cycle. If the population of cockroaches is decreased, then the nitrogen cycle on the Earth will be disturbed. Cockroaches are very fond of eating the remains of organic waste which contains a lot of nitrogen. Nitrogen in the body of cockroach will then be issued on the ground and used for plant growth

3. A reminder to clean-up

If cockroach extinction or isn't there, then people will get lazy to clean his house. Because there is no threat of the flying cockroaches. Human beings will be more relaxed in piling up goods with untidy, lazy dish washing, etc. Because cockroaches are very fond of junk piles or stuff which is not presentable as a habitat and breeding grounds

4. Used as research material

Cockroaches can be used as research material/experiment. As used as recording devices (robots) for spies. Cockroaches are also used as ingredients research in the health field. There are Chinese scientists who use heart model cockroaches artificial heart, which could be relied upon to pencakokan the heart in humans.

One of the medical significance of cockroaches that cockroaches can often be used in medical experiments. Cockroaches give benefits in the field of medical research in particular in identifying chemical and radiation effects of various other types of radiation on nervous. Cockroaches can survive in a nuclear bomb attacks. At the time of cell cycle of molting cockroaches will be split, with the count once in a week. They are sensitive to radiation at only about 48 hours, or ¼ of the week. With the radiation-nuclear bomb, all of mankind will die, but the only ¼ of the cockroaches will survive. The cockroach is also able to survive on the intensity of radiation required to kill 10 x man.
Ecological Environment

On the ecological environment of the cockroach has a vital role in the decomposition process is an important part of the ecosystem. Dirt or feces and garbage can result in pollution terhadapa environment with the presence of some species are capable of thermal dirt, then the larvae parasite that carries the disease can be avoided. As with the presence of cockroaches, water, nutrients, and energy can be recycled into the ecosystem of decaying vegetation, animals, and organic waste. So that through this process of cockroaches tend to protect the soil with nutrients it needs plants. When the vegetables are the organic waste, rotten, rotten wood, and such were not immediately destroyed how our Earth can accommodate such a large number of bins.

If cockroaches are extinct, then the cycle will be interrupted and will probably cause damage throughout the ecosystem we live in. The ecological significance of the cockroach which can we know more is to help the process of pollination and became an essential part of the food chain. If no cockroaches how survival of mammalian animals Insectivores such as lizards, birds, and mice. If they are not able to adapt to the food in addition to insects, of course, they will become extinct and die. So that natural ecosystems will lose balance.

Cockroaches have an important role in the survival of ecosystems, if the population of cockroaches is decreasing, then the balance of the ecosystem on Earth will be disturbed. Why is this so? Due to cockroach belongs in the food chain, the cockroach is an insect that was in the order of lowest on the food chain as food for rodents, birds, and other mammals are insect eaters. Besides the cockroach also plays an important role in nitrogen cycle on Earth. If cockroaches are extinct, then the environmental health of the Earth will be affected. Similarly, the species that live in it.

The cockroach is an insect that has a very high power of adaptation to the environment. Due to its high adaptability, cockroaches are considered as ancient binantang able to survive until modern times. Benefits provided cockroaches for the ecosystem of the place of his life is that cockroaches were able to overhaul the organic ingredients, food scraps, dirt, and other organic materials making it easy to dibusukkan by bacteria and other organisms utilized by capable as dropped the necessities of life.

Cockroaches can be utilized as a fertilizer plant and not eaten by humans. The cockroaches have a habit of eating the leftovers as well as organic waste which contains a lot of nitrogen. Then it will gather nitrogen in the body of the cockroach, and if the nitrogen were put into the ground, then the cockroaches become organic fertilizer and can help the process of plant growth so that more fertile.

Another benefit with the presence of cockroaches on Earth is the cockroach can be used as a precision test dosage of insect repellent. Where in this case, the cockroach as part of a test against insects or insect repellent. The cockroach also has a memory that is more powerful than a dog so that the cockroach can be used as a bomb detector. Sensors-motor system of the cockroach at the head and antenna tuner vibration in his head and the back leg is susceptible. If it gets the stimuli from outside, then these insects will react only in 15-20 milliseconds. This means the roaches reacts faster than the blink of an eye.

Has carried out a study showing that a network of the brain and nervous system of the cockroach can kill more than 90% of infections due to Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) and e-coli without harming human cells on and off. In humans, the disease attacks the dangers of MRSA can inflict is this infection will threaten the bone joints, surgical wounds, the bloodstream, heart valves, and the lungs. This is very dangerous because it will result in death.

Cockroaches have potent antibiotic properties. Because it has found nine different molecules in the tissues of the cockroach which is toxic to bacteria. This could serve as an alternative to other materials currently available drugs. Insects often live in unhealthy environments and hygienic, so logically if they have a high self-defense to protect yourself against micro-organisms.

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