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The Purpose Of Cockroaches And Rats Was Created

The Purpose Of Cockroaches

All that is on this earth nothing is in vain. All the beings on the planet have benefits for nature and people, that's what my biology teacher says. Then I asked, what is the purpose of God creating such a disgusting animal like cockroaches and rats? I am terrified of both animals. Then my teacher smiled and explained to me why god creates an appalling insect or animal. By modeling the benefits of cockroaches and rats, although both of these animals are considered pests by most people.

The Purpose Of Cockroaches

the benefits of cockroaches

1. In some cases, the cockroach often used as experimental animals on insect repellent tests. This is because cockroaches have a stronger immune system than other insects.

2. Species of cockroach Madagascar or cockroach hissing can be a pet.

3. Cockroaches have more memory than dogs, so in some cases, cockroaches become bomb detection devices. Motor sensor system found on the head, antenna and cockroach legs are very sensitive. When it gets stimulated from the outside, then this insect will act in just 15-20 milliseconds. Very quickly, even faster than the blink of an eye.

4. There are scientists from India who developed artificial heart technology using the heart of cockroaches as an example of his research model.

5. Cockroaches are insects that have a high protein content, no wonder if in some areas, cockroaches to snack. By way of fried and mixed with a little salt and garlic, then it will taste very tasty and delicious.

6. In the food chain, cockroaches have a significant role. By occupying the bottom position, cockroaches feed on insectivorous animals, such as swallows.

From here I began to understand, though disgusting to me. It turns out that cockroaches have a prominent role in ecosystems and natural ecology. Not only that, but even cockroaches can be made into pets also to eat. I am a little disgusted to imagine that.
Then, I continue the question. Why are mice created? What is the purpose or benefit of rats to humans and nature? What I know is that rats are only animals carrying diseases and viruses.
Later, my biology teacher opened the book, and he opened a few pages, then he explained to the other students and me about the benefits of mice.

The Purpose Of Cockroaches

the benefits of rats

1. rats skin made as the craft

In the country of Indonesian mouse skin is very useful. Because, in the hands of craftsmen in the country, the surface of mice can make craft materials such as bags, wallets or belts.

2. rats As experimental animals

Mice turned out to be exceptionally meritorious as a trial in various drug research. Even according to the Foundation for Biomedical Research (FBR), 95% of laboratories use mice as experimental animals, as quoted
In addition to relatively inexpensive, mice have genetic and biological characteristics similar to humans. For that reason eventually, more mice became the media experiment in various medical studies.

4. Rats can be as Funny Pets

Rats can also be adorable pets, you know. Three types of mice are used as pets, namely white mice, Japanese rats, and gold rats. The price can reach $ 5.

5. Mice can be a Mine Tracker

It's the unique and extraordinary. Giant African Pouched Rats are trained to find landmines. As reported by, the ability of mice in finding mines defeats humans.
If for an area of 185 m2 of humans takes a full day, then in just two hours, the rat has completed its mission of finding landmines in the area. An organization called Apopo in Tanzania has proven the success of trained mice in clearing minefields in Mozambique.

That's some of the benefits of rats and cockroaches for nature and humans. Although they are a disgusting animal and many people are afraid an even to experience a phobia. But they are created into this world also has the use to balance nature. And of course, with this animal, you do not get lazy to clean up your environment, like cleaning the house, washing dishes, sweeping and cleaning the floor.

Finally, I began to understand the explanation of my teacher, if, in rethink, it is true. God created beings on earth there must be specific intentions and purposes even like cockroaches and rats.

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