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the purpose of cockroaches is created for humans

the purpose of cockroaches

Cockroaches, who do not know with this one insect? Its presence is hated by most humans because cockroaches are dirty and disgusting insects. And indeed cockroaches are very fond of dirty and damp places so if there is part of your house that is rarely cleaned and has high humidity then do not be surprised if suddenly cockroaches make a nest in your place. Therefore humans hate cockroaches and brand them as enemies. But does the purpose of cockroaches be desirable only as insect pests and bullies? Apparently not, the assumption was not correct because the cockroaches that had been considered a pest creature turned out to be a cockroach has a purpose and benefits for human life. Some of you may not be sure of some of the benefits of cockroaches that have benefited human life:

1. become the research material

Cockroaches can be utilized research materials in laboratories to test the accuracy of dosage of insect drugs. Yes, to examine the insect drug certainly needed insects and cockroaches to be the right choice because it is effortless to find and the population is very much.

2. cockroaches made into a snack

the purpose of cockroaches

What? Eating cockroaches? Seeing it alone is disgusted let alone tasted. In fact, the body of cockroaches has a high enough protein content, so it is perfect for consumption. Several types of cockroaches may be safe for use such as Madagascar cockroaches. Besides cockroaches also should not be eaten raw, must be processed correctly first so as not to endanger health. The most popular ingredients are crispy and crispily fried roaches that make snacks perfect. Besides, cockroaches are also delicious at eating with rice. In some countries such as in China and Thailand fried cockroaches are daily snacks. In addition to cockroaches, other insects that can also feed are included grasshoppers and crickets. In addition to tasty and crunchy, these two insects have many health benefits. There are five benefits of fried grasshoppers and eight benefits of cricket for health.

3. make cockroaches as pets

purpose of cockroaches as pet

Cats, dogs, or birds are common animals to watch because keeping these cute pets can make your heart happy and not feel lonely. But if you want to do different things then you can keep the cockroaches. One of the most common types of cockroaches is a $ 1- $ 5 Madagascar cockroach If your cockroach breeds, you can make it a business.

Because, in specific areas, Madagascar cockroaches are in high demand of many people

4. cockroaches can be made organic fertilizer

A habit of cockroaches eat food scraps, and organic waste makes the body of cockroaches have a high enough nitrogen content. And as it is known nitrogen is one of the elements needed by plants to grow well. Therefore, cockroaches can be utilized as a natural fertilizer is very good for plant growth.

5. Roaches can be made in making makeup materials

A habit of cockroaches eat the remnants of food, and organic waste makes the animal body has a high enough nitrogen content. And as it is known nitrogen is one of the elements needed by plants to grow well. For that reason, cockroaches are perfect when used for organic fertilizers that can fertilize the soil and are suitable for growing your plants. When you see a business opportunity here?

That is the purpose and benefits of cockroaches in human life. Cockroaches that have been looking at a disgusting insect pest turned out to have many benefits in human life. It certainly reassures us that everything in this world can be useful to us. Whether it is sick or disgusting, the beings on this earth must have a purpose and an excellent benefit in life. because God always has the best Plan for man

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