Tuesday, 12 December 2017

the purpose of cockroaches often come to your house

What do you do, when you see a cockroach hanging around in your house? Maybe you'll want to kill him soon. Cockroaches are animals that like to roam in dirty places. Because the stained area is the primary purpose of cockroach insects, they are very fond. Therefore, when a cockroach enters the house, it is likely that the cockroach will spread the germs that it carries from the dirty places. However, the big question is, why do cockroaches often visit houses?

 purpose of cockroaches

1. cockroach likes warm conditions in the house

Cockroaches like this condition, because the warm house conditions are perfect for breeding cockroaches. A simple example when you encounter a cockroach, and you try to throw it away, by stomping or hitting the floor with a broom, cockroaches will run towards you. It is because your body has warmer temperatures that cockroaches favor.

2. to put the eggs of cockroaches

Dirty house condition is the leading cause. Cockroaches often put their eggs in nasty places, because in those areas, cockroaches can get enough food for the growth process. If there are any scraps of food or garbage that accumulate in your house, then this condition becomes the best condition that is so favored by cockroaches. Therefore, they will come to your home again .. again .. and again

3. to get food

Although cockroaches are dirty animals, however, these insects are beneficial to the process of decomposition of organic materials, such as dirt and others. One cause is the opening or cracking of your house septic tank cap, which can attract cockroaches to enter and get the nutrients they need from the dirt inside the septic tank.

A cockroach will come to your house if your home has the right conditions for breeding and foraging.

Put food in tightly closed containers, and wide open food will invite a cockroach to come and enjoy it.

If there is food that falls, clean it immediately

4. to make a nest

Put your furniture in the right position. Try, do not put furniture too close to the wall, because it caused the condition of the dark areas and difficult to clean. Such circumstances will only invite roaches to come to your house because of cockroaches like a dark place.

purpose of cockroaches

Avoid placing items piled on one side of the house. It is the best place for cockroach nest. Clean the house and every room in your home regularly.

Throw out your household garbage. Do not leave it all night in the house.

5. like the temperature of the room in your home

Keep the ventilation and sanitation of your home. Proper ventilation will make the temperature in your home to be balanced, so it is not preferred cockroaches. Adequate cleanliness will also make your bathroom and home healthier.

You can also spray an insect drug on the floor of your home or room door. At least, this can make cockroaches reluctant to creep into your home.
 purpose of cockroaches

After you read my tips above, I hope you pay more attention to your house and also the layout of your furniture. do not let your home be the purpose place to nest the cockroaches

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