Sunday, 10 December 2017

the reason whats cockroaches come in my life

What is the purpose of the cockroaches come in my life? Indeed, in recent times I have often asked myself about it. Some days I dream about cockroaches, then I Ask some people about the meaning of the dream. And some days I also often meet with some cockroaches in my apartment. Yiaacchhh ... I am so disgusted with this one insect. Yes, cockroaches are disgusting insects that are identical to dirty things, such as garbage and rotten food.

purpose of cockroaches

Yesterday I saw a cockroach coming into my apartment, I immediately hit him with a broom and his body upside down, and the disgusting cockroach was not able to wake up again. Hahahaha ... I am delighted with it, and I hope his friends do not come back to my apartment and wander around in my room, bathroom, and kitchen.

But, the next day I found a cockroach in my kitchen that made me goosebumps, and I tried to hit him with a broom, but the cockroach was flying, and he perched on my food. Oh God, why are you creating cockroaches in this world, and why you send cockroaches into my life.

After that incident, I went straight to the pest eradication shop and bought some cockroach killer spray and some traps for cockroaches. While on the way I keep thinking, why cockroaches in my apartment more and more, what's wrong? What purpose do they come to my apartment and interrupt my life? I try to think positively.

Wait ... wait .. the purpose of cockroaches coming to my apartment is to find food, and they eat garbage and other dirty things. Means, if the cockroach came to my apartment means my apartment is filthy if dirty it says I have to be more diligent to clean up.

Indeed, in recent days, I am lazy to clean up the apartment that makes my apartment like a ship breaking, garbage was strewn, eating out the dishes I rarely clean and the floor rarely I broom. Yes .. maybe this is the purpose of God sending a cockroach to my apartment. That is, so I'm not lazy to clean my apartment.

purpose of cockroaches

Until I arrived at an insect store, I not only bought poison and cockroach traps, but I also purchased some floor cleaners and dish soap. Arriving at the apartment, I immediately cleaned my apartment, ranging from washing dishes, tidying up the furniture, sweeping the floors and throwing garbage. After I finished all, I directly sprayed the insect poison for cockroaches in my apartment to die or leave my apartment.

From this experience, I can take a lesson, which you do not lazy to clean the house to make your home healthy. And try to think positively, like why a cockroach came to my apartment and terrorized my life?

Hopefully, this experience can be useful for readers of this blog. Thank you for reading my story

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